Block 8, old church hospital

Location: LB Havering;
Client: Taylor Wimpey;
Uses: 78 residential units;

A significant regeneration project creating a new neighbourhood on the former Old Church Hospital land. As part of the original application, the most historic building remained and was conceived to provide a unique apartment building however the deterioration of the structure determined that demolition and a new building might be more appropriate.

This proposal was for a new building which broke the rigours of the strict grid, with a neat L-shaped form which presented an open podium garden and expansive outlook to the south, across the existing and proposed opens spaces of the masterplan.

The design concept was to create extended terraces and balconies to the south, patterned with screens to fragment the form of the building and provide some shading to the apartments. These angular balconies and screens soften the scale of the building an present and interesting and elegant approach alongside those more orthogonal and simple blocks which influence the character of the wider masterplan.