Eagle Wharf

Location: Ipswich Docks, Suffolk;
Client: Persimmon Homes Essex;
Uses: 566 homes and 5800 sq.m of leisure, visitor attractions, and a doctor’s surgery;

A large scale masterplan of a mixed use development adjacent to the Ipswich Docks comprising apartments, leisure and commercial uses with a Primary Care Centre and a Docks Heritage Visitors Centre. The form is split into three distinct courtyards each with their own character relating to uses, open space and phasing.

A creative use of existing site levels, and a need to deal with contaminated land created a 1.5 storey car parking solution, fully screened from view by active frontage and public realm improvements.

A positive working relationship with Ipswich Planning and a meaningful and productive dialoguedialogue through the application process ensured that the planning application, which was largest application received by Ipswich to date, was successfully approved within the 13 week statutory period.