XCO2 Green Sky Thinking Competition

Awards: Winners of the first Prize
Location: London
Host: XCO2
Team: Adamos Dimitriou, Charlene Anguille, Gareth John & Sezer Sahan

A wonderful team from RMA won both First Prize and the Popular Vote at the Green Sky Thinking competition hosted by XCO2 in May 2017.

The competition brief was focused around a hypothetical scenario, where London in the year 2050 has become an ever-growing metropolis that has seen a hike of its inhabitant’s growth to 16 million.

This vast concrete jungle required large investment in public infrastructure in order to cultivate and sustain this mechanical organism. These have left deep ravines of train lines which intertwine and connect through the cities epicentres, an unsuspecting last refuge.

This premise cultivates a temporal moduli accommodation which is able to change and adapt. Swarms of Exocentric homogenous structures leech to the train’s infrastructure which becomes both the host and the delivery mechanism to construct and cultivate this new organism harvesting electricity from the host infrastructure through wind turbines.

Within this hive structure, each living module is holozoic and can undergo gestation, assimilating other modules in order to metamorphosize. Each module is comprised of numerous cells prefabricated and assembled insitu and each transported to their hive site by train thus reducing the C02 emissions from transport. This metamorphic accommodation creates typologies which are unique to the various family structures that dwell within.