tequila wharf

Location: Limehouse, LB Tower Hamlets;
Client: Telford Homes, Housing Association Bethnal Green Victoria Park HA;
Uses: 120 apartments and 10 large town houses;

This triangular site is bordered by Commercial Road to the south and the gently curving Grand Union Canal to the west. The site is in a conservation area and adjoins a Grade II listed Georgian terrace and Lattice Bridge. RMA’s proposals deliver a sensitive but distinctive approach to integrate the scheme with these contextual elements.

Tequila Wharf is split into two blocks with a central courtyard. The main block gently curves along the canal bank to reflect the line of the town path, stepping up from Commercial Road (at four storeys) and forming a series of roof terraces. The ten storey building highlights the entrance to Limehouse Marina, through the Grand Union Canal. To avoid an awkward relationship between the existing Georgian floor to floor heights and window proportions of the new development, a link was created in zinc and render forming a pedestrian gateway into the site as well as defining the edge to Commercial Road.

The eastern block is a row of eleven affordable (rental) family terrace houses along Lowell Street. These utilise a limited palette of material and colours influenced by the nearby Lattice Bridge and piers. The form of the houses responds to the surrounding Georgian terraces, using two storey bay windows to create a larger scale and rhythm along the street elevation.